The work of Rebuilding Together

Repairing homes and restoring hope, reconstruction along impacts the lives of many Houstonians every year. we have a tendency to area unit committed—on behalf of our aging clientele—to the proposition that there’s no place like home.
In Houston, reconstruction along provides free repair and renovation programs for aged low-income, disabled and service-veteran owners in would like. Our programs address basic living, life event and quality-of-life circumstances. The work we’ve done since 1982 creates safer and healthier environments, and makes it doable for individuals to measure in their own homes severally and for extended periods of your time.

Nationwide, reconstruction Together’s network of nearly two hundred non-profit affiliates brings along over a hundred,000 volunteers and completes nearly ten,000 comes on associate annual basis.

Through the work of volunteer teams and practiced craftspeople, and therefore the resource of individual donors, native businesses and company partners, reconstruction along makes life higher for many Houstonians every year and absolutely impacts the communities within which they live. we have a tendency to facilitate form a brighter future for our town and create it an improved place to decision home.

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