The new solution that helps to compress files quickly and safe

Are you searching for the reliable website which will help to reduce the size of your file? We have got the great news for you! There is a new AltoCompressPDF solution, that is created to make your life easier.

Sometimes, we deal with the documents that contain huge images. Additionally, you may want to transform file or extract pages from it. The person may send a file or a couple of files by email. To attach the several documents to the message it is necessary to shrink them. As a result, you must use some solution that will help you to compress file quickly.

AltoCompressPdf —  is the best choice for you. The website has a simple interface. Here you can easily work with your documents. The best thing is that the process of compression not bounded by any software or device. You do not have to download additional applications. Thanks to that every user can access the site anytime with his device connected to the Internet. Just visit a website to decrease your document to the compact size.

What should you do to compress PDF?

If your PDF document is too big, you have to compress it. Follow these instructions to shrink the file successfully:

  1. First of all, open AltoCompressPDF website in your browser.
  2. Secondly, click on the “Choose file” button. You will see the folder with the documents. Click on the document you want or type in its name in the search field. In addition to that, you may decrease the window and drag and drop the blank into the box. Is it in the other folder? Click on the left-side navigation menu and open the folder that contains the blank.
  3. Pay attention to the size and the number of pages. The website supports the documents that are not bigger than 25MB. Also, you need to check the number of pages the document has. The maximum amount is 150.
  4. Once you have chosen the blank, click on the “Choose” button. Then your file will upload.
  5. When the upload process finishes, click at orange “Compress now” button. Your file will compress in less than a minute.
  6. Now your template is ready and you can save it. In addition to that, you can work with a file using other tools. You can remove or add the text to the document or send it to sign. Moreover, the user can add tables, fields, boxes, or the sticky notes to PDF.

Note that it is necessary to save the compressed file. If you need to reduce more samples, click at the “Start over again” or reload the page.


Additional advantages of the platform

  1. AltoCompressPDF is a reliable website.  All the information is processed with the help of the data encryption methods. The user does not need to authorize. All the personal data and documents strictly protected. Thus, you may be sure that nobody will see your private information.
  2. All the options on the platform are free of charge. In addition to that, the user can compress as many documents as he needs. There is no trial periods, limitations or additional applications.
  3. Compatibility with all the operating system and browsers. AltoCompressPDF platform is well both for mobile devices and computers. You can reduce any document you want using any device you like. All tools are in the cloud.
  4. Your device storage may be full or empty but all the tools will work correctly. Thanks to that you can reduce the size of your document any time you want.
  5. The original and the final versions of the document will not save on the site. It helps you to be sure that your documents are worked out in private. Do not worry about security and decrease the size of any document you want.
  6. Tools do not reduce the quality of documents or images. All the files you have compressed can be printed, sent via e-mail, or read on the screen. As a result, you have the excellent quality, but the file is smaller and takes less space.

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