The Facts of Hair Regrowth Cures

In this page you will find detailed information about hair regrowth in detail and in a comprehensive way.Most men and women will experience the hair loss during their midlife while the rests may experience it earlier. Pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia is the common type of hair loss occurs on most men and women. Hair loss affects the appearance and the confidence of the sufferers. For decades, scientists have been struggling to find and develop hair regrowth cures.

Hair loss problems have significantly affected the social relation life of the sufferers. Hair loss affects more men than women but the effects for each individual is the same. In fact, hair problem in women is a traumatizing experience while some men may compromise it with certain haircut styles but still desperately look for suitable treatments or cures. That’s why any development of hair regrowth cures is an attractive topic for any hair loss sufferers.

The Business of Hair Regrowth Cures

Indeed, you can find tons of hair regrowth cures available in the market in many forms including medications, solutions, supplements, vitamins, handled devices, treatments, therapy, or even surgery. The industry of hair regrowth cures is worth more than $3.5 billion, but the surprising fact is that most of those hair regrowth cures don’t work. Most of them do claim on certain functions and features including slowing down or reversing the hair loss, but they don’t provide a real and permanent result. This is certainly an uncomfortable fact, but this how the hair growth business works: selling a gimmick, but the good news is that few of those cures are working.

Knowing the Cause of Hair Loss for The Right  Hair Regrowth

The important thing you should know is that hair loss is caused by various factors including the hormonal changes, heredity, stress condition, illness, lack of nutrients, ongoing treatments or medications, disease, and so forth. One or more factors could be involved in certain hair loss problem.  By identifying the cause of your hair loss, you’re able to get a proper hair growth cure that really works.

The male pattern baldness, which is the common type of hair loss is caused by the hormone and heredity factors. It occurs due to the Dihydrotestosterone(DHT) hormone which. In other hands, people can lose their hair due to stress condition or post-surgery condition.  Each cause of hair loss requires different hair regrowth cure. At this point, you can’t identify it by yourself, there some steps to get hair regrowth cure.

Steps to Get A Proper Hair Regrowth

Finding a Certified Trichologist

Managing hair loss is more than a cosmetic matter, it requires a medical handling. You need to find someone who is professionally trained in handling the health of the scalp called trichologist. They’re actually a dermatologist who’s specifically handling the skin of the scalp. Don’t be confused with the term, a certified dermatologist and trichologist is someone that you should meet.


The trichologist or dermatologist will diagnose your hair loss problem. This step may include a scalp examination, biopsy, comprehensive blood test, and a thorough interview about your diet, family history, medical track record and so forth. This diagnosis will help the doctor to determine whether your hair loss problem is driven by certain factors.

As the causes of your hair loss are identified, the trichologist will offer you specific treatments to treat your hair loss. It includes slowing or stopping the hair loss and hopefully regrow new hair in the balding area. The diagnosing is the core aspect of getting the best hair regrowth treatments or cure for your hair loss.

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