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Afmc is totally a domestic institution. The medical pupils are cured as ‘medical cadets’. It really is compulsory to allow them to stay in the dormitories as intended by the school authority, the cadets are required to follow all regulations regarding traditions and social grace, decorum and decency from the dormitory living as presented or will probably be framed every so often by the university authority. You will find separate dormitories for natural male and female skilled cadets nearby the college grounds. Rooms, once allotted towards the cadets are definitely not changed while not specific calamité by the software. Visiting time as per standing upright operating process are solely adhered to. Regarding female military men only the visitors happen to be allowed in whose names have already been notified for the college guru by their parents/ guardian. Study Low Budget MBBS has a very well spacious collection and it is overflowing with different types of literature and newsletters. The catalogue has a great collection of teaching video films/audio cassettes and professional falls. Enrichment of the library is mostly a continuous procedure. Every year financial allocation there has to be for the procurement of medical catalogs. The computer laboratory is fitted with 20 personal computers with all extras and net facilities.

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