Riot Outlines Upcoming Changes

As the year draws to a close, many game developers look back and forth at the progress they have made and the progress they are working towards. Riot Games released its end-of-year announcement to highlight how they have made their choices so far and what effect the 2019 season has had on their plans for the future. 2020 is going to be an extraordinary year for Riot, as it will be the 10th anniversary of League of Legends. This helped fuel a spark for the development team to try to start the second decade with major overhauls without forcing players to practically relearn the game.

It seems that the team is not satisfied with small alcoves or a variety of different types of dragons. Although these changes had an impact on the gameplay, the heart of the game remained similar enough not to really change the way anyone played. Riot Outlines Upcoming Changes for League of Legends in 2020 Preseason Announcement Dragon was always important as always, Baron was always a vital goal, and you were always pushing for the same reasons. There were a myriad of ideas thrown in: recruitable jungler camps, bushes in the main bases, and even a traveling baron if left alone for too long. However, the team felt that it was taking control of the player, so most of these ideas were rejected.

A few who are stuck are live right now – the way the dragons are changing the map and the game-wide changes it brings, for example, are highlighted in the announcement. These preseason changes will remain for the coming season after meeting positive reception in game testing. Dragons are more important than ever now, with Dragon Soul providing a powerful buff and the map itself is ready to change . With the new alcoves, there are a lot of new ganking and harassment techniques, as well as some interesting escapes.

Looking ahead, however, Riot is pleased to announce the first season of the Pacific Championship Series (PCS). The PCS will start on February 8, 2020, and is made from the merger of the LMS and the LST. Riot hopes this new series will help increase competition in Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong, while providing the rest of us with more tournaments to watch. With ten teams competing from different nations, it will be great to see a new series rise. Riot has a lot to do for the second decade of League of Legends, and several other games that also work in the mix. It will be great to stay and see what they find to upset a game that has helped define esports for the past decade.