Red Hook Studios Announces Butcher’s Circus

It wasn’t funny in April! Darkest Dungeon acquires a new DLC, Butcher’s Circus.

The new DLC adds an interesting piece of content to the game, which is mostly a player. Players can interact with the Traveler’s Cycle of the Butcher’s as he enters the city of Hamlet to compete with their glory, demonstrating his rankings and abilities in your battles against your colleagues.

“Hamlet may have fallen into difficult times, but the wailing of the wagons and the gleam of the misused trumpets signal a change of fortune for the brave and the green: the circus is in town!” Red Hook Studios writes in their announcement. “An outdated and bloody tent pavilion laughs, the twins side by side and a Roman magician Barker announces: ‘Hasapis demands a show!’ ยป

There is a lot of coming to this new DLC and it seems to be based mostly on player-to-player content instead of sinking deeper into the dungeons of the estate. The installation of the DLC will lead to the addition of the Circus of the Butcher’s shop in your Hamlet, a new site that can be visited. Once they get there, the following functions will apply: Red Hook Studios Announces Butcher’s Circus DLC For Darkest Dungeon.

  • Take part in a PvP battle without exclusions with groups of four heroes without having to risk the heroes of your campaign
  • Climb the occupied stairs to demonstrate your skills and “ability to deal with misfortune and violence”, which may be the best summary of the game so far to be honest.
  • Unlock banner items to customize your heraldic duel
  • Strategy with new trinkets and accessories that drastically change your PvP battles
  • New themes for the soundtrack composed by Stuart Chatwood, as well as new sound effects and voiceover by Wayne June