Porsha Williams Does This In The Middle

Porsha Williams shares her activity at 1 a.m. and makes fans laugh after seeing the video she shared on her social media account. Discover the clip here.

“Person: Me 1 hour: Attempt to lock the chip bag…. #Quarentina #Chipbagchallenge 🧏🏾‍♀️ #FunAmazinglyCoolActivities ”, Porsha captioned her message on the social media of her choice, Instagram.

Someone said, “I think they folded up the inside, then came back,” and another follower posted this, “I also plan to try it, but I ate the whole bag of crisps lol. Porsha Williams Does This In The Middle Of The Night And Fans Cannot Stop Laughing

Another commenter posted this: ‘You missed a step suh! 😂 After folding the corners, you roll up, then tuck the upper part into this lol.

Another follower said, “ I’m going to eat the whole bag recently, so I can’t even try this ” and someone else posted this: “ Insomnia is real for you and me, girl !!! #quarantinelife Give it meaning. I love you!!’

One commentator also seems to have failed to try this challenge and said, “Lmao, I just tried this and I failed miserably like hell.

A fan told the RHOA star: “ The quarantine of Porsha works on all our nerves, but you are on a whole new level !! I hope you go out soon I hope we all do it but especially you. I love you and PJ! ”

Someone else posted, “Sis, I tried that the other day and I went crazy and I ate the whole bag.