Pong Now Has A Battle Royale Edition

It finally happened; The developers have taken the popular Battle-Royale genre and gone too far, applying it liberally to everything humanly possible while fans continue to line up again and again for a surprisingly similar game. What started with Day bled into PlayerUnknown’s battlegrounds, which then turned into Fortnite. At this point, all bets were turned off, because the developers could advance a basic platform that would eventually carry various DLCs, it was extremely profitable and everyone generally won. SO battle-royales has become the de facto genre for developers, and now we’re all drowning in the genre as supersaturation reached critical mass about three years ago. Pong Now Has A Battle Royale Edition With Pong Circle Now Released On Steam

We really start, however, for better or for worse. There are many more battle kingdoms on the horizon, and the first very strange one is Pong Circle. It’s Pong, and it’s a battle royale; there is not too much to understand about the general gameplay.

First project to come from a solo developer operating under the name of Meaty Ore Games in Poland, Pong Circle places 50 players in a … well, a circle like a multitude of balls bouncing around the middle.