National Medical College of Bangladesh

The national capital National Medical school inherits her wonderful forerunner the national capital National Medical Institute, that was established in 1925 as a district of Non-Cooperation Movement of the Indian Sub-continent against land Colonial Rule organized put together by the Indian National Congress and therefore the Indian Muslim League beneath the Leadership of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Mawlana Muhammad Ali and Mawlana Sawkat Ali.

Along with alternative programmes the Non-Cooperation Movement urged upon the folks of the sub-continent to boycott instructional establishments established and administered by British Govt. and to ascertain National faculties, faculties and Institutes for contemporary scientific education by the native folks themselves.

Accordingly 2 Medical faculties were established within the then geographic area Province for manufacturing National Doctors of contemporary medication. One such Mediacal faculty was at city, named city National Medical Institute and therefore the alternative at national capital, named national capital National Mediacal Institute.

The national capital National Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College was established at national capital close to gift day Bahadur Shah Park on a land given by Zamider Raghunath Das. several Nationalist given cash for its construction & institution.

The First governance of the Institute was fashioned beneath the situation of a noted individual Sir Prafulla Chandra Roy KBE.

The governance enclosed Nationalist leaders like Sir Khaza Nazim Uddin, Dr. J.C. Ghosh, Roy Bahadur Kashab, Chandra Banarjee, Zamider Jogesh Chandra Das.

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