Life Insurance Leads – Why Most Marketing Does Not Work

Qualified Life Insurance Leads Don’t Go To Someone Else

The old school ways of prospecting in the life insurance industry are out. Many life insurance agents are still being taught the warm market list, cold calling, purchasing a life insurance lead list, and not to mention the incredibly expensive seminar route. To those who are still being taught that system I would like to say, “It’s not your fault, someone sold you on it”. Many agents like to believe that marketing is one of those quick pop in and pop out routines.

Buying life insurance lead lists and then doing a sales pitch over the phone is not going to cut it anymore. Many people are resilient to even pick up the phone due to the tremendous sales calls that they get from individuals about all sorts of junk, so immediately you are hit with the first barrier aka Caller-ID. The so-called qualified lead that you paid for probably won’t even pickup the phone, let alone book an appointment with you. Life insurance marketing does not have to be a painful process.

Take a step back and look at what you are actually doing when you buy life insurance leads. You went to a third party that talked to some prospect who has no idea who you are, and the third party are telling you that he is interested in what you have to offer. The business of life insurance sales is not about selling your product, its about selling yourself. Then that third party is going to sell that same “exclusive” list to someone else. The good news is there are other routes.

Life Insurance Lead Seminars Require Money

There are alternative routes like educational workshops or seminars that cost a heck of a lot more, but they do build a ton more credibility with your prospects compared to cold calling. The biggest obstacle here is the cost associated with this type of marketing. First, you have to do a ton of printing for the fliers that you are going to hand out. Then you have to either mail those prints out or hire someone to hand them out for you. Finally, depending on where the seminar for your life insurance leads is going to be, there may be room charges if its a hotel, or meal charges if its at a nice restaurant. Seminars can end up costing you somewhere between three to seven thousand dollars. From my experience, no new agent will ever have that much money when they enter the field of life insurance.

Although seminars are a great way to establish credibility through communication and reality that you actually are a real person, the bottom line is there is a huge cost to put on a seminar, and worst of all there are no guarantees that the individuals that you invite will actually sit down with you one on one after the seminar to talk to you about their situation. I have tried it, and ditched it. It was just too much of a risk/reward problem with all sorts of variables in between, and I for one am not the kind of individual to risk my money.

Life Insurance Leads Search the Internet

Now, what if you were given the option to set yourself up as a point of valuable information, the go-to guy or gal where people get advice regularly about life insurance? It almost sounds like a dream doesn’t it? It does not have to be. The internet is a great tool that many individuals are afraid of using for marketing. How do I know this? I was one of those individuals. I did not want to spend countless hours learning computer language and website development. To my advantage, and everyone else that was in the same boat as me the web really has morphed into a user friendly tool.

You can create websites by pointing and clicking. Take a look at MySpace or FaceBook. Those are both point and click social websites. Let’s take a step back and look at this for a second. Millions of people search the web for some answers to their problems. The problem could be anything, literally. You have a tool you need for the job and you need the price, do you call the store or do you go to Google and search for it? You are looking for airline tickets, movie show times, anything! Well, why don’t you use the internet to supercharge your business?

More and more individuals are starting to turn their TV’s off, and are turning to the web. The reason is they are tired of being advertised to. Getting life insurance leads is not just about sell sell sell. It is about providing valuable information and establishing yourself as the individual who does not have a sales pitch but rather someone who is out there to help another assess some problems. Whenever you search the web and expect to pay for information do you always go with it or do you continue to search for as much free information as you can. This brings me to my next point. When you have any kind of issues with regards to where and also the best way to utilize Exclusive final expense life insurance leads, you can email us with our own page.

How to Get the Life Insurance Leads to Find You

The way to get life insurance leads to find you is through Attraction Marketing. Attraction Marketing is not a difficult system to explain. In a nutshell, you establish yourself as a valuable point of information for people to go to. Whenever you have people that go to you to seek for your information which they are doing it of their free will by searching the web, they consider you as a form of advice. Now, lets say you have people that visit your website and keep reading your content, they constantly re-visit when you post new content and finally you decide to inform them about a product that you offer and its benefits. What do you think the chances are of them listening to you compared to some guy who called them on the phone who they know nothing of trying to book a meeting? How about a guy who put on a seminar, confused the hell out of the prospect with products, and did the sell sell sell routine? I thoughts so.

The reason why it works is because it is so simple. The more complicated you get in the life insurance industry the more chance of failure you have. If you get too complicated with your client and use technical terms then you lose the deal. The same concept applies with your marketing. If you get too complicated with it, you lose the chance to meet one on one.

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