Kojima Productions Teasing An Announcement

Kojima Productions sent a tweet on Friday suggesting the studio will make an announcement next week, and most predict that the announcement will have something to do with a new Silent Hill game.

In the tweet, which can be seen below, the creators of Death Stranding have apologized to everyone for being “silent” in the past few weeks. Of course, the use of the word silent is what makes people think that the ad will be related to

In the tweet, Aki Saito, head of communications for Kojima Productions, holds a pyramid-branded pencil, which some believe is a reference to Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill series.
Kojima Productions Teasing An Announcement For Next Week, Could Be Silent Hill
IP Silent Hill is still owned by Konami right now, so unless Kojima has some sort of agreement with his former employer, it seems unlikely that the announcement will be linked to a new Silent game Hill. But, as mentioned earlier, the tweet and photo in it seem to indicate something related to the series.

If it’s not a new Silent Hill, the teasing ad might have something to do with Death Stranding on the PC, as Hideo Kojima’s latest project will be available to PC players this summer. But, with most hoping the announcement will have something to do with a new game, a simple marketing push for Death Stranding on PC will likely disappoint many people.

Another possibility for next week’s announcement could be a horror game, but not Silent Hill. In November Hideo Kojima said he was getting ready
Before leaving Konami, it looked like Kojima was about to create one of the scariest horror games of all time – PT, which was a playable teaser for a new Silent Hill game – but the project was abandoned after leaving the