Epic Duel Celebrates Frostval With Gift Items For Their Character

Fire Pro Wrestling World is a grappling game developed and published by Spike Chunsoft. Players keep coming back to the game because they can “customize every aspect of the match, from your wrestler to the ring itself, in your fight for the championship belt,” according to the Steam website.

The second part of the “Yoshihiro Takayama Charity DLC” begins in January. This charity campaign aims to help Takayama as he recovers from a serious injury. Takayama Minoru Suzuki’s friend, who is in charge of the Suzuki-gun team and fights in NJPW promotion, created the “Takayamania” foundation to help with medical bills. Epic Duel Celebrates Frostval With Gift Items For Their Character And House New Japan Pro Wrestling also held special events to support Takayama, most recently in August 2019. Wrestlers from around the world have helped Takayama, and now players can help.

The second DLC will be delivered with unique rings, logos and new wrestler trunk parts in edition mode on the theme of “Takayamania”. Spike Chunsoft donates all the benefits of this DLC to the “Takayamania” foundation. Spike Chunsoft said the first DLC had a big response: “The first charity DLC, released on December 18, 2017, raised about 3,840,000 yen in September 2019.” This translates to approximately $ 35,106.10. Additional wrestlers will be added as the DLC is announced. More details will be released in January.

In February, a new scenario mode arrives in the game. The scenario details the course of the son of Morio Sumisu, while he tries to become a professional wrestler without following the tragic traces of his father. The story is included in the PlayStation 4 Season Pass. In the spring of 2020, a PlayStation 4 patch will arrive, which will increase the edition limit of wrestlers, as well as the game and craft modes. Spike Chunsoft will continue to work on “game balance, bug fixes and improving DLC ​​quality”, but also says that these modes “mark the end of an era”.