The boards square measure armed with precious-metal-containing chips, transistors and quartz crystals, however they will not contain components which square measure larger than a thumb.elektroschrott This class conjointly contains circuit boards of the class I-C having adherences.The boards square measure armed with alittle quantity of precious-metal-containing chips, transformers and quartz crystals and square measure allowed to contain solely a couple of part adherences like heat sinks, transformers or relays.The price is set by its gold content or by the question whether the contact pin is totally gilded or if solely its prime is gilded.Camera - Digital

Electronic waste may be a terribly heterogeneous employment material. Purchase prices are determined by the contained metals. The gold, silver, atomic number 46 and copper content being completely different between the many parts, circuit boards and chips, we tend to define sorting criteria for the different price teams of electronic waste in order to be ready to calculate honest purchase values. Our purchase costs square measure automatically adjusted to the respective current metal notations several times daily.In most cases, the come back from monitors, power provide controls or consumer natural philosophy.

Their boards might not be disadvantaged, adherences like sheets, frames and warmth sinks are removed. With larger amounts of identical circuit boards or parts, we tend to calculate individual purchase costs primarily based upon your transmission of samples, after determining the many metal contents in our laboratory.where iron and atomic number 13 adherences like sheets and warmth sinks haven’t been removed or wherever precious-metal containing parts like chips are removed, square measure a part of this class.

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