Drake Lands In Hot Water For Saying This About

Drake is in hot water after releasing a song called “When to say when”. While riding the rhythm, the Canadian rapper decided to share with the world what he thinks of his little mother, Sophie Brussaux.

Sophie and Drake share a game
In the song, Drake shocked many people by calling his mom mom a “stroke of luck,” and fans quickly reacted on social media, most of them disparaging him for the word. One person said that ‘It was better to focus on the definition of the word and added:’ It is sad that the majority of people in the comments do not know the definition of ‘stroke of luck’. 😩Fluke is an unexpected event. It was a stroke of luck that he ran or found her. They have a child together (he loves her for who she is (the Drake Lands In Hot Water For Saying This About His Baby Mama, Sophie Brussauxmother of their son). He does not denounce her. He says that unexpected events have turned into the luck of a child together. If you have heard all over the bar, he said, “but I love it anyway,” which means he was using it in a negative sense, so yes, understanding is so fundamental. “This fan defended Drake:” As a woman, I don’t see what the problem is … it’s just an honest cause at the end of the day, no one knows their relationship, but them. Since when do rappers only use words strictly related to the definitions defined by webster? I think most people know what the definition means. I think people are more focused on the context. “One contributor explained,” You birds do not realize that the stroke of luck means an accident. I don’t care about the sense of luck. Because that nobody is using Fluke in this case, and the fact that you are trying to protect Drake by saying that he used Fluke in his sense of luck is laughable. Synonyms for fluke are accident and chance. Was her little mom an accident? I think it’s disrespectful