Diablo III’s Pre-Season Patch 2.6.8 Is Now Live

The most recent of these updates is now online! Blizzard refreshes the season every three months or so to help keep the gameplay fresh and give players something to keep going. Each season has its own theme and challenges, often with a seasonal buff that applies to all seasonal characters. These buffs are often the definer of how the season will go.

This last season is the twentieth, entitled The season of prohibited archives. Players will appreciate a buff that allows them to select the legendary powers they want without limiting them by the category slots in the Kanai cube. Normally limited to one legendary weapon power, one for armor and one for jewelry, players will now be free to customize their powers as they see fit rather than through the restrictions given. Diablo III’s Pre-Season Patch 2.6.8 Is Now Live Ahead Of Launch Of Twentieth Season

What changes have been made? There are quite a few to come, including the addition of three completely new class armor sets. There are also many modifications and tweaks to existing legendary items to alter the balance and bring new constructions to the playable meta.

The same is true for these class sets, which are intended to make constructions that have not been built before viable. With a visit to the barbarian, the witch doctor and the wizard, Blizzard hopes to make it so that there is more to do with these classes than the whirlwind, the invocation of zombies and the launching of decay beams.
Diablo has benefited from a large amount of fuel added to the hype since the Blizzcon 2019 announcement of Diablo IV, the latest in the franchise and the first addition since the release of Diablo III in May 2012 (no, Diablo: Immortals don’t co