Demi Lovato References Ex Wilmer Valderrama’s Engagement

It seems that Demi Lovato has just talked about the engagement of his ex Wilmer Valderrama with the model Amanda Pacheco. The man asked the big question on New Years Day after only 8 months of dating her, even though he and Demi have been together for six years without taking their relationship to the next level before finally breaking up.

All this is apparently sprinkled through her new clip for I Love Me during which she also seems to refer to the drug overdose that almost killed her.

The single which should be released at midnight tonight is very edifying, judging by the code extract that TMZ has obtained. Demi Lovato References Ex Wilmer Valderrama’s Engagement To Another Woman And Her Overdose In New Music Video! 

Based on this excerpt, it seems that she will look back at her past and present and deliver a very stimulating message.

A scene shows a bride walking past her and Demi puts a facial expression very “ above ” when she looks at them.

Obviously, fans think the scene is supposed to refer to the fact that her six-year-old ex offered her new girlfriend after only 8 months of dating her.

And as mentioned earlier, it’s not the only reference to her personal life in the clip.

Another scene shows the singer on a street with dancers all around her, while an ambulance can be seen on the map, parked somewhere nearby.

In addition, an ambulance shows a woman being ambushed by paramedics and while the star passes by, she reaches out to touch her.

It’s no secret that something similar also happened to her when she overdosed in July 2018.