Circle Empires Rivals Is The Stand Alone Multiplayer

The long-awaited multiplayer sequel to the original Circle Empires has a release date, and it’s not far away. Circle Empires Rivals is slated to launch on April 15, allowing its gaming community to enjoy a new competitive version of their favorite title.

In Circle Empires Rivals, players each control their own little kingdom in a world full of circles. You must then conquer a world made of circles, each circle being filled with enemies to fight and monsters to hunt. Friends can become rivals as you fight for supremacy in the land of circles.

The original title, Circle Empires, has won several awards and has been enjoyed by more than 300,000 players worldwide. Now his sequel takes the crown with his fast-paced RTS action in a procedurally generated world of circles. Circle Empires Rivals Is The Stand Alone Multiplayer Sequel To The Award Winning RTS Circle Empires And It Is On Its Way To Steam From Luminous Studios

Each session is an exciting adventure in the unknown. Whenever players have entered the game; they should devise a new strategy with clever tactics to defeat their enemies and conquer all the empires in this world of circles.

This title is very different from its predecessor in that it offers a more updated gaming experience. There are hundreds of different minable creatures, buildings, and resources that players can enjoy and exploit. Each unit can gain XP and level up, continually improving the army of your empire after each battle.

Players can choose from six game modes, including King Hunt, Roguelike and Stop the Army. Each mode comes with its own rules and set of challenges as players explore the world of circles. There are ten new biomes added to the game with different bonuses and mechanisms for each.