An All New Tifa Dynamic Theme Can Be Unlocked

Yesterday we announced that Final Fantasy VII Remake and Butterfinger are joining forces to offer exclusive DLC content to players based in the United States through a special promotion.

It goes beyond Butterfinger. The promotion is a partnership with Final Fantasy VII Remake and the candy company Ferrero.

If fans of Final Fantasy buy a Butterfinger, Baby Ruth or Crunch Bar, they can use the codes found in the packaging to get not only the Tifa theme but also exclusive equipment when the game launches on April 10, 2020.

Players will receive points, which they can then exchange for accessories that can be used in the game. He only takes the points from two chocolate bars to be able to get the Tifa PS4 theme. It is the same work of art that Square Enix published on its official website in December.

Fans of the original version of Final Fantasy VII from 1997 will recognize the illustrations from the original game. It was one of the screens in the “Please Intert Disc _” menu, showing Tifa sitting on top of the well in her hometown of Nibelheim, looking at the night skyAn All New Tifa Dynamic Theme Can Be Unlocked Through The Recently Announced Butterfinger/Final Fantasy VII Remake Partnership.

After purchasing two of the participating treats, fans of Final Fantasy VII can then go to the promotion’s official website, and type in the codes. After that, you can unlock the Tifa theme and all the other in-game DLC accessories you want.

The idea of ​​a big company participating in a video game outing like this

oncept. Monster Energy Drinks used a similar code system to unlock a special DLC for Call of Duty. The NFL has also sponsored Overwatch leagues in the past.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a full HD remake of the original version of Final Fantasy VII from 1997. While the original game had three PS1 discs, this remake will include several games.

Square confirmed in 2015, and repeated again in 201