Acquiring Puppy Names For Golden Retriever Puppies

Woo-Hoo, you just came home with one of the best Golden Retriever Puppies you could find. Next, your new family member needs a name. You need to pick a name you love because over the course of your dogs life, you’ll be saying it more then 35,000 times.

When it comes to selecting possible names for puppies, it can be simple if you keep a few things in mind. Puppies, and grown dogs for that matter, understand short commands or names the best. Two syllables or less works best. Make sure the name you choose for your puppy doesn’t confuse him with a command that sounds nearly the same. If you plan on teaching it the word Stay, naming it Stacy might cause confusion and shouldn’t be on your list of names for puppies.

Kids love to be part of the naming of process and they like keeping it simple too. Consider puppy names that wont embarrass you or your family if you’re out in public. Stinky might be somehow cute or appropriate, but others might raise an eyebrow. If you’re thinking about naming him in honor of a certain family member, think again. Having a baby named after you is truly an honor; a pet would probably be an insult. Purebred Golden Retriever puppies should be AKC registered to maintain their status. For that purpose, you’ll need to come up with a longer, hoity-toity type of a name. That one won’t be your everyday name though.

If you adopted an older dog, you should strongly consider keeping its name the same. He knows it and is use to responding to it. However, if you just can’t live with it, try a name that’s similar sounding. For example, the dog name Barney could be easily morphed into Farley.┬áIf you have any questions regarding where by and how to use, you can speak to us at our internet site.

You should make a list of possible names for puppies as you go through the process. Once you’ve narrowed down your puppy names list and selected a name, try it out for a day or so and see how it feels. In short time you should know whether it’s a keeper. If not, there’s always lots more possible names for puppies on the list you made.

To get ideas, you need only to look around. Great names for puppies can be seen or found almost anywhere. If you’re at a social gathering, tell those around you about your new puppy and ask for name suggestions. They’ll happily throw out lots of dog name possibilities. Remember this as well, someday your puppy will be full-grown. Make sure you can live with your name choice when your puppy is an adult dog.

Before selecting a name, get to know his personality for a couple days. Keep a couple things in mind during that time and it’ll help you spot a name choice. Watch their appearance and what they look like. Their color, size, shape, markings and tendencies might inspire a name choice. Their personality traits can also produce a terrific puppy name idea. Stubbs might be cool for a short-legged dachshund puppy. You might choose Snippy if your cute little guy shows a little attitude. Or, maybe Puddles for the pup who cant seem to make it outside in time.

If you’re thinking beyond the basics and want to be a wee bit different, there are many famous dog names that might be cool to use. How about Bo, that’s the name the Obamas chose for their puppy. Then there are celebrity dog names; they always seem to pick cool ones. he Osbournes and Hillary Duff both chose Lola for their puppy names. Britney Spears named her pups Lacey and Bit. Tinkerbell is the name of Paris Hiltons famous, pampered pooch.

Perhaps, you can consider names from famous TV dogs. Scooby, Astro and Dino are cool names for puppies. Or, famous movie dog’s names are plentiful. Farley was a star in a recent hit movie. There are also several animated movies that made a few puppy names famous. A colored base name often works well. Do you remember Blue, or who could forget Old Yeller? Comic dog names are a good choice too. There’s always Snoopy, Daisy and Odie. German names often work well too such as Fritz and Kaiser. Irish dog names are good choices for some pups, such as Finn or Murphy (means hound of the sea). French names like Pierre or Gigi can add a touch of sophistication. Fortunately, names for Golden Retriever puppies are pretty versatile and you can hardly go wrong.

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