About possum man

I am Barry the possum man. i have been living in Brisbane in South-East Queensland, Australia, my complete lifestyles and throughout that time i have continually had a near relationship with possums. while i was a boy I used to feed the little possums that would stay within the bushes near our vicinity in South Brisbane and a number of them could even allow me pat them. after I got older humans might question me for help once they had issues with possums eating the greens growing of their gardens or if one among even a circle of relatives of them made a domestic for themselves within the roof of their houses. I by no means intended to paintings with possums however through the years I simply kind of fell into the position and those began calling me Possum man Barry in preference to simply Barry, or even every so often simply referring to me as “The Possum man”. I don’t mind although because I absolutely do love possums and i experience like I understand them higher than most people.

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