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There are several innovative movies

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Rihanna And Jack Dorsey Drop Millions

Ever since the start of the pandemic corona, celebrities and entertainers have been urging people to stay home to help reverse the spread of COVID-19. However, some have been critical for saying a lot of nice things without really making a contribution.

Rihanna is obviously not one of those people because she and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey donated a lot of money to help fight the corona. The Daily Beast claims that she and Jack Dorsey donated $ 2.1 million each to the Los Angeles City Hall Fund. Rihanna And Jack Dorsey Drop Millions In Aid For Domestic Violence Victims

The fund, among its many functions, will also help victims of domestic abuse in Los Angeles. The Hollywood Reporter was the first to announce that Mr. Dorsey would pay the same amount. The extra $ 4.2 million will provide security and shelter to about 90 different people in 10 weeks.

According to information, one of the consequences of the pandemic of corona is its effect in cases of domestic abuse, which have increased since the beginning of economic downturn. It has affected those living in violent homes where they have no other place to stay.

In addition, The Hollywood Reporter claims that many shelters continue to keep their doors open, but usually deny about 90 people a week. Earlier this month, Dorsey announced a $ 1 billion donation to the fund through its share of the square.



Red Hook Studios Announces Butcher’s Circus

It wasn’t funny in April! Darkest Dungeon acquires a new DLC, Butcher’s Circus.

The new DLC adds an interesting piece of content to the game, which is mostly a player. Players can interact with the Traveler’s Cycle of the Butcher’s as he enters the city of Hamlet to compete with their glory, demonstrating his rankings and abilities in your battles against your colleagues.

“Hamlet may have fallen into difficult times, but the wailing of the wagons and the gleam of the misused trumpets signal a change of fortune for the brave and the green: the circus is in town!” Red Hook Studios writes in their announcement. “An outdated and bloody tent pavilion laughs, the twins side by side and a Roman magician Barker announces: ‘Hasapis demands a show!’ »

There is a lot of coming to this new DLC and it seems to be based mostly on player-to-player content instead of sinking deeper into the dungeons of the estate. The installation of the DLC will lead to the addition of the Circus of the Butcher’s shop in your Hamlet, a new site that can be visited. Once they get there, the following functions will apply: Red Hook Studios Announces Butcher’s Circus DLC For Darkest Dungeon.

  • Take part in a PvP battle without exclusions with groups of four heroes without having to risk the heroes of your campaign
  • Climb the occupied stairs to demonstrate your skills and “ability to deal with misfortune and violence”, which may be the best summary of the game so far to be honest.
  • Unlock banner items to customize your heraldic duel
  • Strategy with new trinkets and accessories that drastically change your PvP battles
  • New themes for the soundtrack composed by Stuart Chatwood, as well as new sound effects and voiceover by Wayne June



Real Housewives’ Jennifer Aydin Reveals COVID-19 Diagnosis

Chynna Rogers, known for her MC skills, good looks, and also her relationship with ASAP Mob, has died at the age of 25, a report from Sky recently revealed. His family confirmed that he died in Philadelphia on Wednesday, but it is not clear what caused him to die too soon.

A statement from his account claimed that he was “deeply loved” and would be missed by everyone who knew him. In his last post on IG, Rogers stated there were “too many soundtracks for our lives,” and he needed the soundtrack to “die too.” Real Housewives’ Jennifer Aydin Reveals COVID-19 Diagnosis.

Since his death, the hip-hop community has shared many warning messages for young rappers, including those from ASAP Rocky, Lil Debbie, and singer-songwriter Kehlani. On the last day of his short life, Kehlani spoke to him and said it was “their last exchange.”

Lil Debbie, too, uses her social media accounts to say that the world will never forget its contribution to the rap world. Tierra Whack noted the tragedy of the situation, including the fact that fans, friends, and family members could not even attend his funeral because of coronavirus.

Reportedly, after being seen as a model when he was in an amusement park at the age of 14, ASAP Rocky invited him to join their hip-hop group after first speaking with one of the group members on Twitter.



Prince William and Kate Middleton use

Prince William and Kate Middleton do not let the COVID-19 pandemic prevent them from performing their royal functions. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge surprised schoolchildren in the north of England this week with one of their first royal engagements via video calls on the Zoom app.

William and Kate sat side by side at Anmer Hall in Norfolk while chatting with staff at the Casterton Primary Academy in Burnley, Lancashire. They also spoke to students who are children of essential workers – health and emergency workers – who were cared for by staff.Prince William and Kate Middleton use video calls to carry out their royal duties at home.

“Well done, honestly, to you and everyone who is there during this time. It should be such a relief for all parents who are key workers to know that normalcy is there for their children – they have the structure and they have a safe place for them, so really great for you all, ”said said Kate.

William thanked the staff for “getting everything done” and asked them to pass on the many messages of support to the rest of the staff and volunteers who “do a great job”.

During the call, William and Kate were able to see all of the children’s arts and crafts projects for Easter, and the Duke of Cambridge revealed that they would be eating “a lot of chocolate” over the holiday weekend. Kate added that William is already eating all of his Easter candy.

Porsha Williams Does This In The Middle

Porsha Williams shares her activity at 1 a.m. and makes fans laugh after seeing the video she shared on her social media account. Discover the clip here.

“Person: Me 1 hour: Attempt to lock the chip bag…. #Quarentina #Chipbagchallenge 🧏🏾‍♀️ #FunAmazinglyCoolActivities ”, Porsha captioned her message on the social media of her choice, Instagram.

Someone said, “I think they folded up the inside, then came back,” and another follower posted this, “I also plan to try it, but I ate the whole bag of crisps lol. Porsha Williams Does This In The Middle Of The Night And Fans Cannot Stop Laughing

Another commenter posted this: ‘You missed a step suh! 😂 After folding the corners, you roll up, then tuck the upper part into this lol.

Another follower said, “ I’m going to eat the whole bag recently, so I can’t even try this ” and someone else posted this: “ Insomnia is real for you and me, girl !!! #quarantinelife Give it meaning. I love you!!’

One commentator also seems to have failed to try this challenge and said, “Lmao, I just tried this and I failed miserably like hell.

A fan told the RHOA star: “ The quarantine of Porsha works on all our nerves, but you are on a whole new level !! I hope you go out soon I hope we all do it but especially you. I love you and PJ! ”

Someone else posted, “Sis, I tried that the other day and I went crazy and I ate the whole bag.

Pong Now Has A Battle Royale Edition

It finally happened; The developers have taken the popular Battle-Royale genre and gone too far, applying it liberally to everything humanly possible while fans continue to line up again and again for a surprisingly similar game. What started with Day bled into PlayerUnknown’s battlegrounds, which then turned into Fortnite. At this point, all bets were turned off, because the developers could advance a basic platform that would eventually carry various DLCs, it was extremely profitable and everyone generally won. SO battle-royales has become the de facto genre for developers, and now we’re all drowning in the genre as supersaturation reached critical mass about three years ago. Pong Now Has A Battle Royale Edition With Pong Circle Now Released On Steam

We really start, however, for better or for worse. There are many more battle kingdoms on the horizon, and the first very strange one is Pong Circle. It’s Pong, and it’s a battle royale; there is not too much to understand about the general gameplay.

First project to come from a solo developer operating under the name of Meaty Ore Games in Poland, Pong Circle places 50 players in a … well, a circle like a multitude of balls bouncing around the middle.

Circle Empires Rivals Is The Stand Alone Multiplayer

The long-awaited multiplayer sequel to the original Circle Empires has a release date, and it’s not far away. Circle Empires Rivals is slated to launch on April 15, allowing its gaming community to enjoy a new competitive version of their favorite title.

In Circle Empires Rivals, players each control their own little kingdom in a world full of circles. You must then conquer a world made of circles, each circle being filled with enemies to fight and monsters to hunt. Friends can become rivals as you fight for supremacy in the land of circles.

The original title, Circle Empires, has won several awards and has been enjoyed by more than 300,000 players worldwide. Now his sequel takes the crown with his fast-paced RTS action in a procedurally generated world of circles. Circle Empires Rivals Is The Stand Alone Multiplayer Sequel To The Award Winning RTS Circle Empires And It Is On Its Way To Steam From Luminous Studios

Each session is an exciting adventure in the unknown. Whenever players have entered the game; they should devise a new strategy with clever tactics to defeat their enemies and conquer all the empires in this world of circles.

This title is very different from its predecessor in that it offers a more updated gaming experience. There are hundreds of different minable creatures, buildings, and resources that players can enjoy and exploit. Each unit can gain XP and level up, continually improving the army of your empire after each battle.

Players can choose from six game modes, including King Hunt, Roguelike and Stop the Army. Each mode comes with its own rules and set of challenges as players explore the world of circles. There are ten new biomes added to the game with different bonuses and mechanisms for each.

Charlamagne Tha God Gives Ellen DeGeneres

Despite the fact, Ellen DeGeneres entertained people in her home in the midst of the national quarantine, this does not mean that she is not able to receive the wrath of Charlamagne Tha the dubious honor of God. Hot New Hip Hop recently covered a TBC clip in which Charlagme made fun of Ellen for claiming that her house was like living in prison.

The Breakfast Club host commented on the enormous wealth that Ellen has, including her huge mansion. The host struggled to compare Ellen’s huge 8.24 acre estate to a prison cell, in which many are located.

Following his comments, Charlamagne had to give him “the donkey of the day”. Charlamagne, however, noted that Ellen was not particularly a “stupid” person, but was rather guilty of having a “blind spot” because of her position in society. Charlamagne Tha God Gives Ellen DeGeneres ‘Donkey Of The Day’

The host went on to say that it is important to note that Ellen lives in a mansion of over 8,000 square feet. It sits on a massive 8.24 acre property and has five bedrooms, as well as a cabin that doubles as a gym.

In addition, Charlamagne pointed out that she also has a guest house that includes two bedrooms, in addition to an infinity pool that “overlooks the ocean”. The house cost $ 27 million.

With all that said, Charlamagne has declared that he is certainly not angry with his success, in fact, he celebrates it. He said he was giving the donkey host of the day for saying that his massive property was like living in a “prison”, and nothing more.

Rather than complaining about her own life situation, the Breakfast Club host urged Ellen to do justice to the world and use her platform to talk about the plight of inmates, including the fact that many penitentiaries are experiencing COVID-19 spread behind bars. .